Best Touch Screen Phones with Keyboards

Touch screen and keyboard are tools that are generally not talked about in the same sentence. While touch screen phones are the trend today with customers working their fingers to glorify, the keyboard is being used more by old habit.

However today there is also a recurring problem of mistyping that comes along with the touch phones. To avoid this, the customer prefers an either or option with both a keyboard as well as a touch screen on his or her phone.

With touch screen phones, there is the issue of how one is paralyzed if the screen loses its touch. Thus, the best option will be to get hold of a phone that comprises both options. Here let us take a look at five of the best models which are touch screen phones and yet come along with keyboards, be it for the style quotient or for a backup option when the screen is damaged.

The Blackberry Q10

The Blackberry Q10

The first phone that comes to mind is the Blackberry. In all their series except for the new Z10 models, they had the QWERTY setup which was the hallmark of Blackberry. In particular, the Q10 model of theirs comes with both touch and the legendary Blackberry QWERTY. This enables the user to use what he or she is most comfortable with. It could be the touch as well as the keyboard. There is enough time to decide which one it will be.

The HTC Desire Z

The HTC Desire Z

HTC have always had a knack of making some new technology come up through their pipes. The company known for niche mobile manufacturing has come up with HTC Desire Z which works best with a keyboard but also has a touch option available. Therein is the genius of the phone. In HTC, one sees a unique combination of the two diverse features -Truly a good creative and innovative attempt.

Motorola Milestone 2

The Motorola Milestone 2

Like the name suggests, Motorola Milestone 2 is a milestone in mobile manufacturing with two of the best known usages of typing available as options to the user. The user has both keyboard as well as touch under his or her services and more specifically, this is not intended for all users but for a few only. While there are some key actions missing from the keyboard, the same applies to the touch section too. Overall, this is a genuine and interesting mobile phone from the 6 sigma masters.

Nokia Asha

The Nokia Asha

The Asha phones are low budget, smart phones and stick with Nokia’s undying marketing philosophy of hitting customer where it hurts them the most – cost. In Nokia’s low budget touch models, one finds a prominent keyboard. This seems to have hit a cultural chord too with most people being new to modern technology from the west.

Samsung Epic 4G

The Samsung Epic 4G

Samsung, refusing to be left out in the race as come up with a flip model that lets the user alternate between touch and keyboard. The model is reminiscent of the C series from Nokia.

Touch and Type can go hand in hand. Proving this line right are the five fantastic phones that we just came across here. All of them are from different manufacturers, yet end up combining the two most sought after and contradictory interface features very diligently.

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