List of Top Android Phones

Android from Google has vastly changed the way mobile phones work. Coming in on the heels of Apple’s mammoth invention – the iPhone, Android has introduced its own applications and user interfaces which have captured the imagination of users worldwide.
Android – one of the best operating systems for phones is based on Linux and is designed particularly for the touch screen mobile phone, while it does work other phones as well. The operating system which first came to fore in 2007, has already reached almost every household. Android is open source. The smart phone market of android is as high as 75 percent. The operating system bases its user interface on a technique called direct manipulation and is famous for a wide range of applications. These applications are housed at Google Play and are created by app creators worldwide. Memory management and schedule updating are two other important features of the android operating system.
In the context of how hit this operating system and its phones have become today, here we take a look at some of the top android phones. Android phones are of many different makes and we take a look at them one by one.


Nexus – The Most Natural Android

Google Nexus 7

The Google Nexus is the most natural android because in here the android, a concept that emerged from Google, need not undergo any changes which come in as a part of the other makes. It is thus said that one must buy the Nexus for the best possible android experience.


Optimus – From LG

LG Optimus L7

LG has come up with a device that features constantly in the top ten android phone lists and makes the best use of the android platform for a Non-Samsung phone. Optimus is one of the few phones that while being as long as a note isn’t heavy on the pocket. The phone is known for the NFC technology.


Samsung – Note and S4

Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung is the one company that has produced the best android phones. They are some of the most bought phones which are also technologically advanced. Featuring in our list of top android phones are two android phones – Samsung Note and S3.
The Samsung Note has features of both a tablet and a phone and has gone on to interest a lot of phone users. The Note is known for the stylus which enables the user to take immediate notes on any of the screen bases.
Meanwhile, S3 is the latest of Samsung’s technologically most advanced series of mobile smart phones. The Samsung galaxy series has gone to prove itself as the best of android phones.


Sony Xperia

Towards the end of our discussions we come to a phone manufacturer that has not just stayed up with the fast changing times but has also managed to establish a unique niche for itself. This is the Sony Xperia smart phone. Equipped with the best of Sony’s camera and other features, the phone is a classic product coming from the quality storehouse.

In the above mentioned list of phones we saw some of the phones that use Android the best possible way.  We saw the pure android phone in nexus, the best from LG in Optimus, Samsung’s top phones in Note and S3 and Sony’s classic product – the Xperia. The android world is definitely getting better with every new product. For more information visit our website:- Mobile Contract Phones

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