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Pristine Motorola Razr I is the most fascinating mobile phone present in the market today. It has stand astride the difference which is their in mid of a pricy mobile phone and middle order range mobile phone. The top striking features of this fabulous mobile phone such as fast and high speed processor of Intel, smart edge to edge large screen, etc. highlight it in between the crowd of mobile phone. The only drawback which makes it stay in between the mid range and high range phone is its poor picture quality i.e. low pixel and it does not support 4G. Altogether it is an awesome Smartphone which is a must buy.

Motorola Razr I

Captivating Design Motorola is renowned for experimenting with the looks and design of its mobile phones. With the pristine Motorola Razr I they turned up with the simple back which had a black shiny cover over it. Few of the switching keys are fabricated on the side of the mobile phone for the easy handling purpose. The Kevlar finished body of this stunning mobile phone gives a slippery and delicate look though in practice it is non slippery and very tough. Strong and durable torex head screws guards the phone edge and gives a security to the external case of mobile phone. Because of the experimenting attitude of this prestigious company, it has given a thick rise to the edge of the phone and this feature make the side switches appear more prominent. This thick edge feature might not be liked by the individuals who are searching for the sleek and sophisticated looking mobile phones. Though this thick edge look a bit odd, but it helps in guarding the screen when the Razr I is placed reversely. The flawless curves of this mobile phone have been carved out very nicely and flawlessly. Because of this curves this handset fits in the palm in a very easy way.

Motorola Razr I Black

Large Screen Size If you had dreamt of buying an iPhone and you love its features then Motorola Razr I could be your best option. Large 4.3 inch screen of Motorola Razr I give a strong competition to the iPhone 5. Generally in the large size Smartphone people find it very difficult to navigate from one end to another and the huge size of the Smartphone makes it very difficult to operate with one hand. But in case of Motorola Razr I case is not so, it will fit flawlessly in your palm and with the help of your thumb and fingers you can manage the phone well with one hand.

Motorola Razr I Screen

Features of Motorola Razr I Fair in built memory of 8 GB, extendable external memory of 32 GB, a well designed shutter switch for camera, and standard microUSB as well as headphone sockets, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G are few of the qualities of this pristine mobile phone. Despite of all these Motorola boast of providing mobile phone a Nano-coating which will protect your mobile from rain and accidental contacts with water. AMOLED screen display let you enjoy a more vibrant and wonderful colour display. Get the more information about upcomming motorola contract phones, pay as you go and sim free option.

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